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Networked Groups - Solar Energy Research

Solar Energy Research

Interested in a clean sustainable future and in applying science and engineering to solve real-world problems? Keen on developing advanced or novel technologies that produce green electricity from the cleanest, cheapest and most abundant energy source on Earth, sunlight? Fancy solar buildings that look and feel cool? Interested in a secure and fulfilling job that is well paid and at the same time saves the planet?

If your answer is ‘Yes!’ to one or more of these questions, conduct your PhD research at the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at NUS, Singapore’s flagship institute for solar energy research.

SERIS conducts research, development, testing and consulting in the fields of solar energy conversion and solar building technologies. The institute’s R&D focus is on materials, components, processes and systems for (i) photovoltaic electricity generation and (ii) solar and energy efficient buildings. Being located close to the equator, one focus area at SERIS are solar technologies for the tropical climate.

SERIS’ multi-disciplinary team includes about 100 scientists, engineers and architects. SERIS collaborates closely with universities, research organisations, government agencies and industry, both locally and globally. Our collaborations with companies from the global solar sector span from small start-ups to industry leading heavyweights.

R&D clusters:

  • Novel PV concepts
  • Silicon materials and cells
  • PV modules
  • Solar energy systems
  • Solar and energy efficient buildings