NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering

ANG Wee Han

Research Areas
Brief Description of Research
1. Drug Development
2. Cancer Research
3. Bioimaging
4. Catalysis & Biocatalysis
5. Bioinorganic Chemistry

Our research interest lies at the interface of chemistry and biology, in the study and development of metallocomplexes for targeted cancer therapy. Our work focuses mainly on Pt- and Ru-based complexes as non-classical therapeutic agents and elucidating their modes of action. We are also actively pursuing fluorescence probes that would allow us to investigate these compounds in live cell models. Our 4 broad areas of research are:

1) Developing the chemistry of platinum(IV) carboxylates as anticancer prodrug complexes

2) Fluorescence probes for the investigation of cisplatin and its parent platinum(IV) prodrug complexes

3) Metallocomplexes as Immuno-Chemotherapeutic agents

4) Coordination-directed 3-component Assembly of ruthenium-arene complexes for drug discovery