NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering

CAO Tong

Research Areas
Brief Description of Research
1.. Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
2. Tissue Engineering
1. iHuman+ (new): Agelessly renew, upgrade iHuman organ-system; iHuman-AI: Integration of iHuman brain-organ-system with AI; iHuman computation and intelligence.
2. Developing In-Vitro Human Platform of vascularized, innervated,functional, standard and live Tissue-Organ-System from hESC as ethical and unlimited source to improve clinical service (regenerative medicine, transplantation, precision medicine, etc.) and as efficient platform to upgrade human evaluation in health and medical studies.
3. Clinical and biological design and R&D of the highly macro-porous structure of systemic and oral implant and scaffold for tissue, organ repair and reconstruction with additive manufacturing or 3D printing