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Chandra Shekhar VERMA

RI Supervisor
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Chandra Shekhar Verma

Chandra Shekhar VERMA 

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1. Structural and Chemical Biology
2. Computational Biology
3. Drug Development
4. Biophysics
5. Nonlinear & Complex Systems


To develop an understanding of biomolecular mechanisms at an atomistic level. The tools used are those of computational biochemistry and nonlinear analytical methods and are benchmarked extensively against available experimental data. These models are combined with detailed experimental investigations to provide incisive insights into biology at an atomic level. Current efforts attempt to bridge basic structural/computational biophysical chemistry with the mysteries of the p53 pathway, kinases, translation initiation, ion-channels, antibodies and translate our findings towards development of novel therapeutics including small molecules/peptides to tackle infections, cancer, inflammation and the menace of resistance. We work closely with experimental, clinical and pharma partners.