NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering

Hanry YU

Research Areas
Brief Description of Research
1. Quantifying 3D liver tissue niche to re-define tissue biology and pathology standards at cellular and molecular
2. Engineering 3D micro-liver tissue building blocks
3. Integrating 3D cell-based assays for testing drugs and pathogens


1. Optical ex vivo and in vivo imaging and statistical feature-based classification and identification of fatty-liver disease progression into liver cancer.
2.. Optical in vivo live animal imaging and high resolution feature-based classification of liver regeneration process under defined mechanochemical environment.
3. Studies of the bile canaliculi contractile process to develop therapies against biliary atresia.
4. Development of perfusion reactors, chips and scaffold materials for in vitro human cell/tissue-based chronic toxicity testing.
5. Development of high throughput 2D/3D chips to screen for mechanochemical substrate cues for optimal cell maturation.
6. Generation of super-size humanised mouse liver for early stage high throughput drug screening.
7. Validation of micro-patterned human embryonic stem cell-based teratogen detection platform.
8. Functional studies of ER dynamics in protection against liver damage.