NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering

LIM Chwee Teck

Research Areas
Brief Description of Research
1. Mechanobiology of Human Diseases
2. Development of microfluidic technologies for disease diagnosis, therapy and precision medicine
3. Biomedical applications of 2D Materials
4. Flexible Wearable Technologies


Our lab seek to address important scientific and biomedical problems using interdisciplinary approaches, develop innovative solutions and translate them for biological and healthcare applications.

Our focused areas include mechanobiology of human diseases and development of mechanobiologically inspired platforms in microfluidics, tunable nanomaterials and flexible wearable devices to better detect, diagnose and treat diseases.

We have won numerous research awards and honors and have also spun out several startup companies to translate technologies from our lab to bedside and market. We are affiliated with the Mechanobiology Institute, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and SMART.