NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering

OOI Beng Chin

Research Areas
Brief Description of Research
1. Distributed systems and processing
2. Databases and analytics
3. Healthcare and smart city analytics


1. U-Store: a distributed data storage system which has rich semantics and a set of properties that unifies and adds values to many classes of today's applications.
2. SINGA: a distributed Deep Learning platform (indirectly funded by an ASTAR grant and NRF CRP).
3. CIIDAA: a Comprehensive IT Infrastructure for Data-intensive Applications and Analysis is an CRP project funded by NRF (NRF-CRP8-2011-08) from 2013-2017.
4. epiC: an Elastic, Power-aware, data-Intensive Cloud platform, funded by an MOE grant (2010-2012).
5. LogBase: a distributed log-structured data management system, funded by ASTAR (2013-2016).
6. CDAS: a Crowdsourcing Data Analytics System that has been designed to improve the quality of query results and effectively reduce the processing cost at the same time.