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POH Chueh Loo

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POH Chueh Loo
POH Chueh Loo
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1. Engineering Biology to fight diseases and for bioproduction
2. Synthetic gene circuits design and automation
3. Synthetic optogenetic circuits design
4. Computer aided design and modelling for SynBio


My Engineering Biology research group @ NUS focuses on Synthetic Biology to address challenges in different areas including healthcare and environment. We apply engineering principles to design and build microbes with useful capabilities for medical and industrial applications and developing foundational platform tools to accelerate the design and engineering of the microbes. This includes synthetic gene circuits design and automation, optogenetics, modelling of biological systems, and computer aided design tools for SynBio. We have been “reprogramming” microbes to tackle metabolic diseases, to fight infectious causing pathogen and to control biofilm formation. Our motivation is to make engineering of biology more efficient and predictive so that we can scale complexity in order to create novel solutions to tackle global challenges.