NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering


Research Areas
Brief Description of Research
1. Monoclonal Antibodies.
2. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).
3. Human Cytomegalovirus (HuCMV).
4. Dengue Immunology.


1. Generation and Clinical Application of EBV specific monoclonals.
2. Generation and Characterisation of HLA-A2/LMP-1 specific monoclonal antibodies.
3. Generation and Characterisation of HLA-201/EBNA-1 specific monoclonal antibodies.
4. Generation and Characterisation of HLA-A2/LMP-2a specific monoclonal antibodies.
5. Influenza uptake, processing and presentation by professional Antigen presenting Cells- a comparison of FcgRI versus FcgRIIa.
6. Lipidomics of Phagosomes - An analysis of phagosomes from donors with polymorphisms in FcgRIIb.
7. Making anti-lipid monoclonals using phage antibody libraries and classical hybridoma approaches.
8. Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of TLR-8 in Mycobacterial Infections.
9. Cloning and Characterisation of Dengue virus specific monoclonal antibody secreting B-lymphocytes from Convalescent volunteer donors.
10. Analysis of IE and pp65 antigen presentation during HuCMV infections using TCR-like monoclonals.
11. Generation of Myeloma fusion partners for making human monoclonal antibodies.