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TAN Swee Ching

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TAN Swee Ching
TAN Swee Ching

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1. Novel functional materials for energy harvesting and energy storage
2. Nanomaterials for energy conversion and photocatalyst
3. Photosynthetic proteins for solar energy harvesting and electronic applications
4. Self-assembly molecules for air filtration
5. Harvesting water from the air for useful applications


We are an interdisciplinary research group that develops novel functional materials for solar energy harvesting, water splitting, energy storage, optoelectronic applications, etc. We aim to publish high impact works. Some of our research works, such as our air filter material that is inspired from LEGO bricks and our super-hygroscopic materials that harvest moisture from the air for useful applications, are highlighted by local news agencies and international media. For more media information, please refer to the links below:

Air filter media highlights:

Hydrogel media highlights: